Dec 10, 2020|

JD Books Launches Advance Sales Initiative to Ensure Books Are Always Buyable


by Vivian Yang

JD Books introduced an innovative book sales initiative titled “Advancing Sales for All (万物先销)” on Dec. 9. Through real-time inventory and shipment information sharing with book vendors, JD’s system can ensure customers can always make purchases of their selected products and improve sellers’ overall sales volume on the platform by adopting the advance sales configuration.

When the stock of a book is low, the system will automatically activate the advance sales mode and display the delivery lead time on the page, so customers can still order the product with full transparency regarding the shipping information.

“This advance sales system has greatly helped us to reduce the out-of-stock rate, especially for the vast amount of long-tail products,” said Chunjiao Su who is in charge of JD Books’ supply chain management.

“As long as the publishers are still printing the books, there is zero chance the products will have an out-of-stock status on our platform,” Su added.

For JD’s book vendors, a lower out-of-stock rate means higher sales potential. During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (Nov. 1-11), over 100 book partners joined the initiative, boosting their overall SKUs on by 20 times compared with the same period last year. Sales of Commercial Press(商务印书馆) alone rose more than RMB 1 million yuan as a result of the initiative.

Simply through sharing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Advanced Shipping Note, the initiative will perform 24-hour automatic connection with book vendors’ systems and enable vendors to control and monitor their products’ entire logistics fulfillment process, significantly saving labor costs and increasing management efficiency.

Chen Lin, head of the business ecosystem of JD Retail noted that the advance sales initiative shows JD’s endeavor to open its supply chain capacities.

“We hope more and more publishers and book partners will join hands with us to explore digital and intelligent measures to optimize each link of the production and circulation process, achieving the overall improvement and restructure of the value chain from the consumer end to the manufacturing end,” said Lin.