Apr 2, 2021|

JD Books Sees the Rise of Literature Reading


by Vivian Yang

A rising percentage of JD users bought literature books on JD.com in 2020 compared with one year ago and over 70% of buyers are between age 26 to 45, according to JD Books’ consumption big data report released on Mar. 30.

COVID-19 in 2020 provided a chance for more people to have more reading. Literature can help them to find peace of mind and do more thinking, explained Tao Xue, head of popular books of JD Books.

Novels, prose, and comic books are the most popular literature choices among JD customers, and under the novel section, world classics, detective, and science fiction are the best-selling categories, according to the big data.

In terms of comic books, sales of books from Chinese mainland were more than twice that of Japanese comics in 2020, proving the rise of “China-Chic“ which describes the trend of young people’s increasing favor towards China-centric designs.

The report is released in conjunction with JD Books’ first Literature Reading Month from Mar. 22 to Apr. 22. With close collaboration with the literature and art committee under the Publisher Association of China, the event gathers nearly 50 publishing houses.

During the Literature Reading Month, JD Books will carry out several activities online, including interactions with authors via livestreams, inviting publishers to make book recommendations, introducing customized reading lists for readers with different interests and more.

Min Lei, general manager of JD Books, Culture and Education said that the role of JD Books is to make connections among readers, publishers, and authors, by continuously understanding and bridging their needs, the platform can do a better job of promoting reading culture in society.