Aug 18, 2022| and OPPO Deepen Partnership


by Yiming Yan and OPPO announced that they have signed a new annual cooperation agreement on August 17, furthering their cooperation in supply chain and marketing to improve consumers’ shopping experiences.

Through this collaboration, OPPO will be fully settled in JD’s offline stores, while JD’s one-hour delivery service will also empower OPPO showrooms to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences by providing convenient and expeditious one-stop shopping in a variety of scenarios.

JD Cloud will also kick off a partnership with OPPO in technology cost reduction and marketing expansion. Leveraging JD’s supply chain integration tools and digital intelligence infrastructure, OPPO will get a boost in quality and efficiency.

JD and OPPO join hands to explore and innovate a future omni-channel retail model, which will help brands achieve even more tremendous sales growth while generating new incremental value for the mobile phone industry.

JD Communication and OPPO have long maintained close cooperation. In the first half of 2022, OPPO has been stationed in over 600 JD offline stores all around the country, contributing to the rapid sales growth of OPPO brands.