Jun 16, 2020|

JD.com Launches “Bathroom Revolution” during 618


by Vivian Yang

Do you know that the average person spends over 30,000 hours in the bathroom in their lifetime? That almost 4 years in total! People in modern times would agree that the quality of one’s bathroom reflects one’s quality of life. According to JD’s recent survey, 63% of people take their bathroom as a space to relax and recharge themselves; 60% believe that the bathroom represents the owner’s personality and quality of life; while 32% are not satisfied with the current style and equipment of their bathrooms.”

As a result, creating more humanized, personalized, intelligent and quality bathrooms have become the four emerging trends in the home furnishing market.

During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, JD Home launched the “Bathroom Revolution”

During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, JD Home launched the “Bathroom Revolution”, an initiative that mobilizes all parties and brands of the supply chain from interior design, decoration, construction materials to furnishing, to provide plenty of product choices and services, and a one-stop home furnishing solution for customers who want to upgrade their homes, especially their bathrooms, this summer.

Over 1,000 independent interior designers have participated in this initiative and shared their works on JD’s platform, showcasing their creativity in space utilization as well as care reflected in bathroom design.

“For a long time, interior designers accumulated many good ideas for bathroom decoration, but it is difficult to realize them due to the lack of brands’ support. Thanks to JD’s initiative this time, our designers’ feedback can be integrated into the R&D and sales process of decoration products, which will generate far-reaching impact in this industry,” said Wei Wu, one of the interior designer in this initiative.

Bathroom design examples by interior designers on JD.com

Bathroom design examples by interior designers on JD.com

In addition to presenting over 1,000 examples of interior design suggestions, JD Home also collaborated with hundreds of well-known home decoration companies to offer construction plans. For example, JD and B&Q jointly offered bathroom renovation packages that include construction materials of selected international brands as well as products with standardized quality guarantees – a super easy home renovation solution that can spare customers from running around to purchase and select decoration materials as they had to do in the past.

At the same time, over 1,000 stores of 100 brands in bathroom, kitchen, and lighting products on JD Home have made a “Five Zeros” service promise, which includes free-of-charge on delivery and installation of new products; free-of-charge disassembling of old products; free testing and defect checking service for products purchased within 1 year and free maintenance service during the 3-year warranty period that covers all the products by different brands in the initiative.

A number of international and domestic brands introduced their cutting-edge products at competitive prices during 618. Sanitary ware brands include American Standard, GROHE, INAX, Roca, TOTO, Kohler, and Panasonic; Paint brands include Dulux, Nippon, and Davco; Lighting brands include NVC, Opple, Philips; and Smart electrics brands include Schneider, Delixi, and Chint.

With designers and brands ‘participation, JD Home also leverages AR technology to enhance the shopping experience – customers can use the real-time smart interior design software on JD.com to interact with designers and “move” their selected products into their virtual home spaces to find the best fit. This is helpful for customers to enjoy a complete home furnishing service from decoration consulting to product purchase.