Oct 26, 2017|

JD.com Offers Bundle Membership Package for “JD Plus” and Sam’s Club Ahead of Singles Day


October 25 – With China’s famous Singles Day shopping festival just around the corner, JD.com and Sam’s Club are offering customers a chance to get a discounted bundled membership for Sam’s Club, and JD Plus, JD.com’s annual membership program.

Customers who purchase the bundled memberships during this promotion – which lasts from today through November 12, when JD’s 12-day Singles Day sale ends – will receive RMB1,800 in coupons eligible for purchases on both platforms, in addition to the discount on the combined membership.

Sam’s Club, and JD Plus, JD.com’s annual membership program

The package comes as JD Plus is gaining steam and Chinese consumers are showing an increasing willingness to pay for membership programs. According to iResearch, nearly 50% of Chinese consumers said they are willing to pay a 10% price premium for better quality. Since Sam’s Club pioneered the country’s first paid membership program over 20 years ago, the retailer has served more than 1.8 million Chinese consumers.

JD Plus members currently enjoy a wide range of unique benefits, including an array of special discounts, exclusive members-only prices for selected products, and coupons which can be applied for free delivery. Under JD.com’s “Jingdou” membership points system, JD Plus members receive 10x the points per purchase that regular customers do. Points can be used toward the purchase of products on JD.com.

With the introduction of JD Plus over two years ago, JD is the first Chinese company to introduce an exclusive paid-for membership service.

JD Plus members are among the most active and loyal of JD’s consumer base. After joining JD Plus, members on average spend two to three times as much as before joining.

“This promotion with Sam’s Club is yet another way we are bringing expanded benefits to our consumers online and offline,” said Rui Han, Vice President of JD.com. “Since its launch, we’ve seen rapid growth in the number of Plus members reflecting the growing number of Chinese consumers who value – and are willing to pay extra for – premium services. We’re excited to use our Walmart partnership to be able to offer our loyal members a chance to get even more value from their JD experience.”