Oct 22, 2021|

JD.com Offers NFTs Prior to JDD Based on Its Own Blockchain Engine


by Yuchuan Wang

JD.com’s tech arm JD Technology announced that the company will offer free non-fungible token (NFT) badges to users registered for the company’s annual tech summit JD Discovery (JDD) to be held on Nov. 22. The release will end by Nov. 22, but users can transfer the NFTs afterwards.

This is the first time JD.com is launching NFTs, which are based on the company’s blockchain engine JD Chain. The NFTs will be based on the company’s mascot JOY dog, with seven versions representing JDD’s seven different business areas including retail, technology, logistics, health and more.

Registered users can share the JDD invitation on WeChat mini program with others in order to get the total seven different JOY NFTs. The NFTs can also be verified on JD’s blockchain browser at http://jdd-nft.jd.com.

As early as 2017, JD.com started to use blockchain to enhance food tracking, traceability and safety to achieve greater transparency across the food supply chain. Since adding the NFT technology and service platform in 2019, it provides additional support for the storage, verification, circulation, and tracing of NFTs. In the future, JD expects to further explore the application of NFTs in multiple areas including copyright protection, social responsibility, art, e-contracts, e-commerce and more.