Aug 3, 2021| Opens 150 Kinds of Positions for Class of 2022


by Yuchuan Wang announced that it will provide 150 job positions for students graduating in 2022, on Aug. 3.

R&D positions account for 50% of the total pool, with new roles in multimodal recognition, distributed computation, quantum computing and more available for fresh graduates for the first time.

With the company’s rapid business development,’s demands for talent continue to increase. As of Mar. 31, the company had approximately 370,000 employees (including non-listed entities), increasing 11,000 comparing with the number by the end of Q1 in 2020.

Last December, the company announced that it would provide 15,000 jobs for students graduating from college in 2021. provides competitive remuneration, and establishes a rich, demand-responsive and experience-first welfare system, striving to create a decent working environment while improving employees’ overall well-being. Earlier in July 2021, the company announced that it would increase employee annual pay (including bonuses) from 14 months to 16 months over the next two years.