May 20, 2022| Opens First Overseas Service Centers in the US


by Yuchuan Wang

On May 18, announced the opening of two US service centers located in Los Angeles and New Jersey, providing aftersales and maintenance services for electronics and appliances. It marks the first time for the company’s logistics business to launch such service centers in the overseas market.

With the support of the company’s air cargo lines from China to the US and self-operated warehouses in the country, the newly launched service centers will provide local brands and cross-border merchants end-to-end supply chain logistics services.

JD’s overseas warehouse and service center in Los Angeles

The services provided will range from technical support, customer service, quality inspection, maintenance and onsite technical support among many others in the field of aftersales services, covering a wide range of products including home appliances, electronics, smart gadgets and more.

Xiujie Che, head of JD Overseas Service Center said that the company is planning to launch a European service center in Poland within this year. LEQI is a leading smart scooter brand that has 2 million users globally, with sales across channels including Amazon, eBay, a self-owned independent website, B2B and cross-border. Since collaborating with JD’s service center in the US at the beginning of this year, the average repair time for each scooter from receiving the product to sending back to the customer has been shortened to less than 72 hours, saving more than half the time previously spent using a third-party service provider.

In 2021, JD Logistics opened automated warehouses in six countries including the UK, the US, Australia, and the Netherlands, with a total number of bonded and overseas warehouses reaching nearly 80. Its global supply chain network now reaches over 220 countries and regions.