May 23, 2022| Invested Over RMB 40 Billion to Provide Users With Omni-Channel Supply Chain Service


by Xiaoqian Han held the kickoff event for its 618 Grand Promotion under the theme of “Responsible Supply Chain”on May 20th. “ has always been devoted to delivering an ‘authentic products and delivered today’ experience for consumers,” said Chen Lin, vice president of and head of JD Retail, at the event.

JD Retail has invested more than RMB 40 billion yuan on user services alone in the past two years, in addition to logistics and consumption services.’s “Omni-channel supply chain service” is now ranked first in ensuring a seamless and frictionless experience guarantee in four dimensions: whenever you want to buy, wherever you want to buy, how you want to buy, and whatever you want to buy.

To fulfill consumers’ needs, provides a 24-hour full-time companionship service and has also established an exclusive advising service and after-sales team in 3C home appliances, maternity and child, medicine, sports, beauty, pets, and other categories

Regarding how to buy, forms a full-process assurance for users, including pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. In the vein of what to buy, has 25 unique services that exceed user expectations, including JD 3C home appliances, JD Sports, JD SEVEN FRESH supermarkets, JD Auto, JD health, and other omnichannel capabilities.

For a long time,’s well-known services have won the trust of consumers. In particular, JD pioneered 44 services in the sector, such as “price protection”, and 25 services that are unique in the retail industry, including those below:

  • JD 3C Home Appliances: The 30-day price guarantee and 180-day only replacement services are based on omnichannel capabilities, which will provide a superior service experience both online and offline.
  • JD International and JD Sports established a long-term agreement with China Certification and Inspection Group and other authoritative identification agencies in various regions, and jointly launched the “Authentic Identification” service.
  • JD Auto introduced “free tire installation, three-year warranty” and “compensation for purchasing pricey oil, and free traceability of genuine products” as assurance service.
  • JD Health launched new service products such as expert online, nighttime quick diagnosis, and pharmacy outpatient clinic to meet the needs of users.

In addition, in order to improve third-party merchants’ consumption experiences, JD 618 Grand Promotion will also launch a “free door-to-door replacement” service for third-party merchants to reduce replacement and return costs. Consumers can conveniently enjoy a free door-to-door replacement experience in as fast as 3 hours.