Nov 7, 2019| Opens Its Largest Offline Store to Date, and in Western China


Advancing its vision of a truly boundaryless retail experience for its customers,, China’s largest retailer by revenue is launching “JD E-SPACE,” a custom-built, 50,000-square-meter modern shopping destination in Chongqing, China. The new JD E-SPACE opens its doors November 11, 2019, just in time to offer shoppers tens of thousands of Singles Day specials.

Going well beyond traditional offline electronics stores, JD E-SPACE enhances shopping by offering unique and immersive experiences, allowing customers to interact fully with state-of-the-art, innovative, and smart products from more than 1,000 of the world’s leading brands in various themed experience areas.

JD E-SPACE features popular and bestselling offerings in product categories from electronics, home appliances, and digital accessories to health, fitness and beauty products, office supplies and more. In particular, it brings experiential shopping to the electronics and home appliances category, enabling consumers to touch and test in store, and then buy online, hassle free.  It also features some groundbreaking brand-experience zones, such as Apple’s largest authorized offline experience store, Microsoft’s first future smart home experience area in China, GE’s first omnichannel home appliances store in China, and ninebot’s first authorized offline experience store in China., China’s largest retailer by revenue is launching “JD E-SPACE,

“JD’s boundaryless retail strategy is to integrate online and offline retail, enabling customers to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want.” said Zisheng Yang, head of Offline Business, JD Home Appliances. “Equipped with the most advanced technologies and state of the art products, JD E-SPACE provides consumers not only shopping convenience but also an immersive and interactive experience.”

Customers also have the chance to experiment with some new technologies at unprecedented connectivity speeds, because JD E-SPACE will be the country’s only major store to offer blazing-fast 5G network coverage. The store also features dynamic price tags to ensure store prices are aligned with online prices, QR codes for consumers to place orders instantly, and robots to guide customers and introduce products.

After experimenting with the products, consumers can scan a code to buy and have items delivered to their homes by JD Logistics, usually within 24 hours, or they can complete their purchase onsite and carry home in-stock products immediately. Consumers can also enjoy the same high-quality after-sales service they get when shopping on