Jun 18, 2024|

JD.com Pioneers Next-Generation Retail with Native Spatial JD.Vision App Built for Apple Vision Pro Ahead of China Release


On June 18, JD.com announced the launch of JD.Vision, a native Apple Vision Pro app that offers an immersive shopping experience leveraging spatial computing. Launched on the final day of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion—China’s largest mid-year shopping festival—JD.Vision exemplifies JD.com’s commitment to revolutionizing retail through advanced technology.

Ahead of Apple Vision Pro’s official release in China on June 28, JD.Vision is set to transform home shopping. The app now features a range of appliances, electronics, and furniture from top brands such as Samsung, Casarte, Harman Kardon, MORROR ART, and Honeywell, among others. Starting today, users can access JD.Vision by searching for 京东.Vision” in the App Store on their Apple Vision Pro devices.

Vision Pro has an infinite canvas where apps can scale beyond the boundaries of a traditional display, and introduces an intuitive and powerful three-dimensional user interface that users navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice. Featuring visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro lets users interact with digital content in a way that feels like it is physically present in their space.

Leveraging spatial computing technology, JD.Vision delivers an experience that closely mirrors in-store visits and transcends the limitations of traditional shopping. Consumers can virtually “place” products in their home, visualizing real dimensions, texture, and design compatibility with accuracy and ease. This immersive approach addresses common online shopping challenges by eliminating the need for frequent trips to brick and mortar retailers and reliance on 2D images and text descriptions. Instead, shoppers can enjoy a reliable and realistic experience where “what you see is what you get.”

With JD.Vision, users can interact with a virtual refrigerator to assess space for groceries, test a robot vacuum under furniture, or visualize how a coffee machine would look in their kitchen. The app enhances the shopping experience with realistic visual feedback, such as lighting effects on virtual objects, allowing for more informed purchasing decisions.

JD.com integrates its ChatRhino large language model into JD.Vision, introducing an AI-powered shopping assistant. This feature enables interactive communication with JD’s mascot “Joy,” who provides tailored product recommendations, enhancing customer engagement and personalization.

As JD.com continues to pioneer the fusion of technology and retail, future enhancements for JD.Vision include virtual interior decoration, iris recognition payments, virtual car driving, logistics tracking, and remote collaborative shopping. Through these innovations, JD.com is not only leading the charge in next-generation retail but also shaping a dynamic and personalized shopping future, ensuring consumers’ diverse needs are met with cutting-edge solutions.