Apr 23, 2020|

JD.com Praised by Wuhan Government: Bring Us Hope and Strength


by Ling Cao

An appreciation letter was sent to JD on April 20th, in which JD.com was praised by the Wuhan party committee and city government for its work in aiding the fight against the epidemic.

Core content of the letter is translated below:

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, JD.com has been providing continuous support in Hubei province, and especially in the city of Wuhan. This is a strong testimony to the company’s sense of social responsibility. We won’t forget that it was JD that continuously transported medical supplies to us during the toughest times. We won’t forget that it was JD that delivered daily necessities to local residents when the situation was at its most tense. We also won’t forget that it was JD that helped sell and deliver local food to cities across China when Wuhan’s sales channels were suspended. We will remember JD’s trucks, tricycles and couriers, clad in red and bring us hope and strength.