Apr 22, 2022|

JD.com Promotes Sustainability on Earth Day 2022


Vivian Yang

JD.com launched a carbon-reduction campaign during this year’s Earth Week from April 20 to 24 in collaboration with P&G, Swisse, Blackmores, and Yili Group’s Satine organic milk to raise people’s awareness of the environment while shopping online.

With an easy swipe down on the landing page of JD’s App during this period, users can jump to the green shopping campaign page where they can explore the environmentally-friendly efforts brands have made on their products.

For example, P&G’s Safeguards shower gel and hand wash bottles are produced with low-carbon materials and lighter packaging, and the empty bottles can be recycled via JD’s Green Stream Initiative. Blackmores will gift buyers with low-carbon medicine boxes, Swisse adopted package designs that utilize the minimum materials possible.

Consumers of these low-carbon products will be awarded with JD loyalty points to encourage their shopping choices. JD also promotes an array of energy-saving home appliances and trade-in services throughout the year. According to the company’s calculation, the air conditioners, fridges and televisions with primary energy efficiency sold through JD.com in 2021 can reduce nearly 2 million tons of carbon emissions.

On the packaging side, 95% of JD’s delivery boxes have “lost weight” from five to three-layer corrugated boxes, which can save more than 200,000 tons of paper pulp, and outperformed the average level of more than 90% of developed countries.

JD’s Green Stream Boxes 

On the warehouses side, JD logistics has built solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of 12 Asian No. 1 highly automated warehouses across the country, which has the capacity to generate 100 megawatts power a year and in the next three years, aiming to extend the capacity to 1000 megawatts.

JD’s Asia No.1 warehouse with solar photovoltaic panels on the roof

At the same time, JD Logistics has been operating 119 dark warehouses in China. Every minute, each automated warehouse operation can save an average of 2283 KWH electricity.

JD Logistics’ dark warehouse

In terms of transportation, JD Logistics has put in use 200,000 new energy vehicles to date in over 40 Chinese cities for delivery work. Every year, these vehicles can save 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions, an amount equivalent to what 20 million trees may soak up in a year.

JD.com has set the goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2030, based on the levels of 2019. Find more about JD’s efforts on sustainability, known as the “Green Stream Initiative”.