Dec 30, 2022| Ranks No.3 on FORTUNE China’s Most Admired Companies 2022


by Vivian Yang

FORTUNE magazine released the list of China’s Most Admired Companies 2022 on December 27, with ranking No.3 among the Top 50 All-Stars List, behind food giant COFCO Group and the automaker BYD; and scoring No.1 on the industry list.

According to FORTUNE’s Chinese edition, the annual ranking is produced based on the editing team’s weighed calculation of surveys among 42,117 Chinese business executives who were asked to evaluate an array of companies’ attributes of reputation such as quality of management, ability to attract and retain talented people, quality of products and service, social responsibility to the community and the environment, and more.

The annual list is “a measurement of companies’ soft power,” said the publication in the announcement, recognizing these companies’ resilience in rising to recent years’ “pressure tests” with their core technologies and firm strategic execution. More importantly, these companies have never given up on making a positive social impact despite external difficulties, according to the publication.

FORTUNE highlighted JD’s performance in fulfilling its social responsibilities and inclusive employee care plans, which helped the company’s ranking jump 14 positions from No.17 in 2021 to No.3 this year.

In March of this year, JD went above and beyond to transport essential living necessities to Shanghai by truck, ship and airplane as the city went through COVID quarantines. Thanks to the company’s proprietary logistics system, could respond rapidly on products and warehouses coordination, and mobilized 5,000 frontline staff from around the country to Shanghai to meet the soaring demand – an average of 1.5 million daily orders during the peak period. It is estimated that by June 1, JD had transported more than 15,000 tons of living supplies to Shanghai, and in the first half of 2022, the company allocated RMB 2 billion yuan in ensuring supplies in COVID-stricken regions and waiving operating costs for merchants on its platform.

JD Logistics couriers departed from Harbin to support Beijing 

In December, Beijing became China’s first large city to withstand an infection surge as most of anti-COVID restrictions have been  lifted. once again swiftly dispatched more than 1,000 couriers from 16 provinces to the city, all of who played an important role to help ensure delivery efficiency. JD Health,’s health business affiliate, spared no efforts in providing and donating medicines and anti-COVID materials, leveraging its telemedicine platform to offer medical advice, drug use guidance and more to help alleviate strain on hospitals.

JD Health’s doctors provide 24/7 online medical consultations 

In terms of employee support, announced in November that it would transition outsourced staff of Deppon Logistics, a company JD acquired this March, to become Deppon’s full-time employees, who can now equally enjoy the benefits of the company’s medical insurance and pension fund. Moreover, will put in RMB 10 billion yuan to set up a housing fund for its grass-roots employees including all staff of logistics, customer service and other functions. Among all of JD’s frontline staff, 80 percent are from rural areas.