Mar 20, 2023| Recognized with China’s Most Prestigious AI Awards


by Yuchuan Wang

On March 14, received the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award, the most prestigious honor in China for work in artificial intelligence. In addition, Dr. Xiaodong He, vice president of, an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow and a specialist in conversational AI technology, was given the Outstanding Contribution Award. Wu Wenjun (1919-2017) was a prestigious mathematician who obtained the highest national science and technology award in 2000.

As one of the founders of early multimodal AI, Dr. He was selected as an IEEE fellow in 2019 for his contributions to multimodal signal processing in human language and vision technologies. Under his leadership, launched the Yanxi AI application platform and a series of industrial solutions in 2018. Yanxi provides consumers and merchants 24/7 services, including shopping guidance and across shopping nodes– pre-sale, sale, and after-sales.

Unlike a common chatting platform, task-based dialogue systems aim to solve complex tasks happening in real life and these systems are crucial to user experience. For example, in e-commerce, customers have an expectation that the chatbot can perfectly solve problems such as aftersales consulting, price guarantee, transaction, payment, delivery service, product return and more. JD’s task-based system seeks to provide that service for the consumer.

Built upon the company’s experience in intelligent dialogue accumulated over the past 10 years, coupled with years of practice in various businesses across retail, logistics, finance, health, and more, Dr. He’s team has constructed a knowledge graph that is made of a four-layer knowledge system, 40+ independent systems, 3,000+ intentions and 30 million high-quality QAs that cover over 10 million retail commodities on

Currently, Yanxi serves over 580 million customers, hundreds of thousands of merchants, 100+ municipal institutions, 880 financial institutions, 1821 large enterprises and nearly 2 million SMEs.