Jul 22, 2022|

JD.com Supports FLUKE Double Production against COVID impacts in China


by Vivian Yang

Despite COVID disruptions in the supply chain in the first half of the year, the Shi Fu (世福) factory of FLUKE, the world leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and service of electronic test tools and software, based in Wuhu of Anhui province in China, said its production plan this June doubled that of May and was even higher than the same period last year.

FLUKE’s cooperation with JD Industrial Supply has enabled its production surge, in which JD helped its Shi Fu factory to leverage online channels to catch the sales opportunities while the offline market remains lukewarm due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

“JD Industrial Supply has strong client resources such as Global 500 companies, lighthouse factories, China’s top 100 machinery enterprises, and more, which are precisely FLUKE’s target clients,” said a spokesperson of FLUKE. “Our sales to big Chinese enterprises and KA customers via online channels have increased significantly since we collaborated with JD.”

Through JD Industrial Supply, products are presented via multiple channels, and as a result, FLUKE is able to engage with big enterprises from energy, manufacturing, engineering building, and other industrial sectors that are active on JD Industrial Procurement Management platform (京东工采), and also widely interact with small and medium-sized enterprises on JD MRO (京东工品购). JD Industrial Supply is a valuable partner to help Fluke “find different baskets to put the eggs in”.

The supply chain of Shi Fu factory was affected by the uncertainties caused by the pandemic this April. “We have adopted various countermeasures to minimize the COVID impact. In view of the inflow of goods from our suppliers, the industrial chain is recovering; despite the recovery, the high sensitivity to the supply chain remains part of our work habit,” said Ming Wang, operation manager of Shi Fu factory.

Wang noted that instead of only stocking materials on demand for the purposes of cost efficiency and lean production, as the factory used to do, it is more common now to have alternative suppliers’ resources at hand to enhance the supply chain resilience.

During this year’s JD 618 Grand Promotion, enterprises from more than 70 industrial segments made procurement orders via JD Industrial Supply, as the whole industry rethinks the value of the supply chain and accelerates their pace of digital transformation to be more agile in meeting production demand in the face of uncertainty.

The purchase of industrial instruments on JD Industrial Supply including FLUKE increased 608 percent compared with the same period last year during the shopping festival.