Jul 22, 2022|

JD Super Releases “2022 Mineral Water Consumption Trend Report”


by Mengyang He

JD Super, JD.com’s online supermarket business, released the “2022 Mineral Water Consumption Trend Report” on July 20, showing signs of mineral water’s rise in volume in the market.

With a market volume of RMB 200 billion yuan, China’s bottled water industry has been dominated by two key players, mineral water and spring water. According to the report, although spring water outperformed mineral water in transaction volume by 15 percent last year, mineral water recorded a higher growth rate by 8 percent compared with spring water, indicating a greater market potential.

Another trend is about the health aspect. As consumers have started to increasingly care about their health and well-being, mineral water that contains abundant microelements which supposed to be good to people’s health have become their first pick.

The report also reveals that the origin of mineral water has become a critical factor in consumers’ decision-making process, and therefore, more brands have started labelling the origin on the product.

Regarding the price, a mineral water product priced at above RMB 60 yuan per case (24 bottles) was the most popular one, whereas the hottest pick for spring water was in the range from RMB 31 to 40 yuan per case.

From the geographical aspect, consumers from Beijing, Guangdong province, and Shanghai contributed to the most sales of mineral water, accounting for 24 percent, 15 percent, and 14 percent, respectively.

The report also shows that consumers from different regions had their favorite brands. For example, consumers from Beijing preferred Nongfu Spring, those from Guangdong province favored Evergrande Spring, and Shanghai consumers were fond of the classic French brand Evian.