Jun 15, 2017|

JD.com Teams Up with Mobike to Turn Bikes Rides Into Prizes

JD.com, China’s largest retailer, has partnered with Mobike, the world’s largest smart bike-sharing platform, to launch a special fleet of Mobikes in China for JD’s June 18th anniversary event.

From now through June 18, Mobike’s millions of riders across more than 100 cities in China using the app can participate in a special cross-platform promotion. Lucky riders will see “Treasure Bikes” marked “JD 618” that can be unlocked for a chance to win prizes.

Treasure Bikes” marked “JD 618”

Users will receive one of five stickers for each ride on a Treasure Bike, and those who collect all five will be entered to win prizes of RMB618, for a total of RMB2.2 billion in possible rewards.

During this period, Mobike users will also receive special promotions when shopping on JD, and JD users who register for a Mobike account through the JD mobile app will receive a seven-day-no-deposit riding voucher.

“Chinese consumers love the convenience of bike-sharing,” said Shunjing Zheng, Chief Marketing Officer of Mobike. “The phenomenon has completely changed urban transportation in China’s biggest cities. It’s only through a combination of JD and Mobike’s collective technologies—e-commerce, big data and artificial intelligence—that we can turn this social phenomenon into a unique new experience.”

 “Chinese consumers love the convenience of bike-sharing,

“Technology is changing the lives of Chinese consumers, from shopping to transportation,” said Jipeng Men, a vice president and head of marketing at JD.com. “Consumers love JD, and they also love Mobike, so we are excited to create this innovative way for them to enjoy both platforms.”

JD.com’s June 18 anniversary event has become a nationwide symbol of China’s mid-year shopping season. With special promotions every day from June 1-20, JD helps brands realize record sales and gain more attention in China’s massive consumer market.