Aug 24, 2017| and Qihoo 360 Team Up on Integrated, Data-driven Advertising Partnership

Qihoo 360 becomes the latest internet giant to support JD’s integrated e-commerce efforts, following Tencent, Baidu and Toutiao

China’s largest retailer,, is teaming up with the country’s leading internet security provider, Qihoo 360, to roll out precision marketing initiatives across Qihoo 360’s suite of products. As part of the partnership, consumers will be able to make purchases from JD directly within Qihoo 360 apps without ever having to leave, creating a highly-integrated user-friendly experience.

Qihoo 360 and will cooperate to integrate precision marketing and shopping into a wide range of Qihoo’s products, including:

●   360 Mobile Security, its hugely popular mobile phone security app

●   360 Secure Browser, one of China’s most popular browsers used by more than 400 million people every month

●   360 Search(, the popular search engine with a range of hardware products including 360 phone, drive recorder and  smart watches, among many others

By applying big data analytics to Qihoo 360’s vast data sets, as well as combining its own unique and highly-specialized insights on consumer behavior, JD will offer Qihoo 360 users a highly-tailored and personalized experience across the Qihoo 360 ecosystem.

Qihoo 360 and will cooperate to integrate precision marketing and shopping into a wide range of Qihoo’s products,

Users of Qihoo 360’s mobile security app will also benefit from a first-level entry point to the JD e-commerce platform from within the Qihoo 360 mobile app. This means that they can buy items on JD within the Qihoo 360 environment, making the shopping experience much easier and more convenient. Content creators on Qihoo’s platforms will also be able to embed product links to within their own content, making it easier for their audiences to find and buy recommended products, shortening the path for consumers to make their final purchases.

The cooperation extends’s leadership in offering brands unrivalled insights to help retailers reach the right target consumers quickly and effectively, providing outstanding ROI.

The partnership with Qihoo 360 follows the announcement of similar partnerships with Baidu, China’s most popular internet search provider, and Toutiao, the most popular social content recommendation platform. Alongside its long-running strategic partnership with Tencent, including marketing initiatives on Tencent’s wildly popular social messaging platform WeChat, JD’s big data capabilities now offer by far the most nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the Chinese consumer of any company in the market.

JD’s integrated marketing solutions now enable it to seamlessly target consumers where they spend their time on the internet, be it social, search, maps, news or security. The strategy enables brands to sell products to consumers based on their interests and demographics, even during parts of the day when they do not explicitly begin their internet experience with a shopping intention.