Oct 11, 2023|

Ochama Accelerates Expansion: Delivery Services Now Available in 19 Additional Countries


Ochama, an innovative omni-channel retailer, today announced the expansion of its home delivery services into 19 additional countries, strengthening its European presence and continuing its commitment to making shopping simpler and more accessible.

First launched in the Netherlands in January 2022, ochama offers a retail model that merges online and offline shopping experiences. The company ensures a seamless customer experience by providing the flexibility to collect online orders from ochama’s pick-up points or choosing the comfort of reliable home delivery.

For the first time, customers in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden can explore ochama’s expansive product range and enjoy direct doorstep delivery. This expansion brings ochama’s home delivery service to a network spanning 24 countries, seamlessly integrating with existing services in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and Germany. All orders will be packed at ochama’s automated warehouse in the Netherlands before being delivered.

For customers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, they can now benefit from next-day pick-up options, with ordering time extended until midnight at over 500 pick-up points. Ochama is actively collaborating with vendors to introduce additional flexible pick-up time slots for enhanced convenience.

Any Li, Head of Delivery and Transportation at ochama, said, “At ochama, we are tirelessly innovating to cater to our customers’ evolving needs and to deliver on our brand promise of ‘shopping made simple.’ By extending services to 19 additional countries, we are thrilled to offer more customers across Europe a seamless, customer-centric, and easy shopping experience right to their doorsteps.”


About ochama

Ochama is an omni-channel retailer, a one-stop shop with a full range of A-brand products. Online orders can be collected from ochama’s pickup points, or delivered right at the customer’s home, aiming to provide a seamless customer experience. Our brand slogan “Shopping made simple” says it all: ochama is an innovative shopping solution, a new go-to store for both foods and non-food goods, ochama offers efficient and cost-effective shopping experiences with a wide variety of product categories, including fresh food, home appliances, electronics, beauty cosmetics, maternal and baby products, and more.


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