May 28, 2020| Works with Shanghai Animation Film Studio to Launch JOY STORY III


by Tracy Yang has partnered with Shanghai Animation Film Studio to release a micro movie JOY STORY III: Returning to No. 618, in which JD’s JOY and several classic animation characters from Shanghai Animation Film Studio go on an adventure into a fantasy world, telling a story of “living up to your passion” and “chasing your dreams”.


 is not only an e-commerce platform, but also one of the best platforms for IP brands to reach more consumers. During the emotional journey which pays tribute to “Childhood Faith”, classic images from Shanghai Animation Film Studio, like Ne Zha, Mr. Black Cat, Monkey King and many famous brands such as Abbott, OSM, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Yili,  come together and embrace this new trend. In this cooperation, JD leverages its own rich resources to help Shanghai Animation Film Studio not only understand the mentality of consumers of all ages, but also to help the studio more effectively and deeply communicate with consumers, while meeting their needs.

Animation characters could make good marketing. AMD is a world-renowned chip manufacturer and usually IP customization is difficult for B2B brands. has successfully enabled AMD to use the image of Monkey King, a famous animation character, in different marketing materials, including sales pages, emailing, text messages, official websites and other resources. During AMD’s sales event on May 16th, with JD’s help in successfully attracting traffic and driving click-through rates, sales of AMD products reached over RMB 100 million yuan within five minutes. Many of AMD’s OEM manufacturers also joined the event and launched posters, extending the reach of the campaign.