Nov 2, 2023|’s 2023 Singles Day Grand Promotion: Livestreaming, Cross-Border E-Commerce, On-Demand Retail, and More


BEIJING, Nov 1, 2023 – today announced its performance metrics for the 2023 Singles Day Grand Promotion, underscoring its position at the pinnacle of e-commerce innovation and robust growth.

On October 31st at 8 p.m., launched the 10-Billion Discount Campaign, one of the main programs during the Singles’ Day Grand Promotion. In less than four minutes, the campaign’s channel reached a transaction volume of over 100 million yuan. This rapid turnover is supported by JD Logistics’ industry-leading delivery infrastructure, promising same-day or next-day delivery for over 95% of JD’s self-operated orders.

Key Highlights Include:

  1. Explosive Sales for Brands and Merchants

During the first week of JD’s Singles’ Day Grand Promotion, starting Oct 23rd, nearly 30 brands achieved sales of over 1 billion yuan, and the transaction volume of nearly 15,000 brands increased more than fivefold YoY, with nearly 9,000 brands experiencing over tenfold growth in transaction volume.

  • Within 10 minutes of the sales period opening on October 31st, iPhone, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, OPPO, and vivo mobile phones saw a 100% YoY increase in transaction volume. Within just 30 minutes, Levi’s exceeded its prior year’s entire day’s sales volume;, while ecco and UGG doubled their transaction volume. Lululemon’s online store transaction volume increased more than threefold. Premium luxury brands, including LV, GUCCI, and DIOR, saw their transaction volume more than triple YoY.
  • Throughout the first week of the shopping festival, 15 watch brands, including Breitling, Tissot, and Seiko, saw their transaction volume increase by over 200%.
  1. Livestreaming by JD’s Product Managers Attracted Over 140 Million Viewers

JD’s own product managers, responsible for procurement and sales of products across all categories, showcased their prowess during this year’s Singles’ Day Grand Promotion. Transitioning from strategic behind-the-scenes roles, they embraced the limelight, presenting to over 140 million viewers with insightful product presentations and tailored recommendations. JD’s product manager-turned livestreamers approach eliminates the need for traditional advertising costs and influencer commissions. Relying solely on the unmatched product acumen and competitive pricing of their procurement and sales teams, JD has redefined audience engagement and inspired millions to shop.

  • In the first week, the transaction volume from the livestreaming rooms of JD’s home appliances, furnishings, and digital products department increased tenfold compared to the previous month. JD’s supermarket livestream debut set a record with over 10 million views and sold over 350,000 items, with 50 products selling out instantly.
  • Fueled by the enthusiastic atmosphere in JD’s own product managers’ livestreaming sessions, within just 30 seconds of the opening on the evening of October 31st, the transaction volume for the entire category of home appliances, home furnishings, and lifestyle exceeded 10 billion yuan.
  1. Trending New Products are Gaining Momentum

This year’s shopping festival witnessed an elevenfold increase in participation from individual entrepreneurs and small business owners compared to the same timeframe the previous year. This influx of dynamic sellers has exponentially diversified and elevated the product offerings.

  • In the tech segment, transaction volume for gaming laptops, flip phones, over-ear headphones, and high-power portable chargers increased more than threefold, and the transaction volume for 3D printers increased by over tenfold.
  • New energy vehicles and cost-effective car accessories emerged as consumer favorites during this year’s shopping festival. In the event’s opening week, the order volume for JD’s entire automotive category increased by over 200%, with new energy vehicle orders tripling. Moreover, the transaction volume for car charging equipment increased by 3.9 times, while the transaction volume for car wraps increased by 3.8 times.
  1. Strong Growth in Cross-Border E-Commerce

In the first week of the promotion, the transaction volume of over 700 brands selling on JD Worldwide, the company’s import and cross-border e-commerce channel, increased by over 100% YoY. At the same time, the vast selection of affordable products, coupled with efficient and worry-free logistics services, also greatly boosted sales in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Transaction volume in Hong Kong doubled compared to the previous year, while Macau increased by 13-fold and orders from Taiwan doubled.

  1. Surging Demand for Travel Services

The travel sector saw a surge in consumer interest and engagement during the first week of the promotion. In the first week, the transaction volume of overseas vacation products increased to more than five times the previous year’s figures, while the transaction volume of flight tickets increased over 300%. Similarly, the transaction volume of flight ticket blind boxes and flight ticket bundles increased by over 13 times.

The promotion also kindled a significant interest in outdoor and recreational activities. Cycling apparel, road bikes, and skiing equipment transactions quadrupled, while badminton equipment sales saw an increase of 3.5 times.

  1. The Rise of On-Demand Retail with One-Hour Delivery

Just after 8 p.m. on October 31st, an illustration of JD’s advanced delivery capabilities was evident when Ms. Li from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province, promptly received a cabbage she secured for a mere “1 cent” via the JD Daojia on-demand retail platform. Ms. Li from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province received the cabbage she purchased for “1 cent” through JD Daojia on-demand retail platform. This rapid “one-hour delivery” feature ensured that, within the first ten minutes of the opening of the promotion on Oct 31st, customers from over 1,000 counties and districts across the country had received their orders.

During this year’s Singles’ Day, over 400,000 offline physical stores joined JD Daojia, doubling the number of participating stores compared to the previous year. Complementing this, JD Medicine’s dedication to offering 24/7 medication services was well-received, with the number of users placing nighttime orders increasing 2.5 times YoY.