Dec 9, 2020|

JD Courier Awarded for Ensuring Medicine Reach Child in Need


by Hui Zhang

Qibo Kang, a JD courier based in Kunming city of Yunnan province, was awarded by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China on Dec. 3 for his efforts in ensuring that essential medicine reached a child with leukemia during the pandemic.

On Feb. 4 JD Logistics received a request for help: A family with a child suffering from leukemia urgently needed medicine, and hoped that a JD courier might assist.

Qibo Kang

Qibo Kang

The family lives in Gejiu city, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, and usually travel to Kunming Children’s Hospital to pick up the medicine, but as a result of the pandemic traffic was temporarily suspended at the time, which made it impossible for them to retrieve the medicine from the hospital across different cities and regions.

Upon receiving the request, Kang immediately rushed to the hospital despite others’ concerns for safety. Kang underwent multiple disinfection processes at the hospital. He was able to get the medicine, only a few hours after receiving the call for help.

As roads between areas was temporarily closed during the pandemic, Yang Zhihui, the captain of Kang’s courier station, coordinated with other courier stations to assist the medicine transportation across different regions, passing hands until the medicine finally reached the family 16 hours later— a remarkably fast delivery time, considering the dire conditions.

When asked if he was afraid to go to the hospital, Kang said, “Yes, I was afraid, but I knew I had to go no matter what, because a sick child had to take medicine.”

“I’m also a father. When I hear things like this, I felt I should offer help,” said Kang.