Jan 1, 2021|

JD Courier Reflects on 2020 on National TV Show: I Feel Proud of Myself


by Yuchuan Wang

Representing millions of couriers in China, Shengzhi Jia, a JD courier from Wuhan, made a speech during a livestream held by Chinese National TV network CCTV on December 31, to share his experiences in 2020 and celebrate the coming of 2021. Joined by doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and ordinary people like Jia, the show was broadcast through CCTV-2’s app, Weibo, Toutiao, Douyin and other livestream platforms.

Jia is one of JD.com’s hundreds of thousands of couriers. During the height of COVID-19 in Wuhan, he continued working to deliver daily necessities to Wuhan’s customers.

JD courier Shengzhi Jia delivers speech

JD courier Shengzhi Jia delivers speech

On February 19, Jia received a phone call from the head of the delivery station in Ulanqab city, Inner Mongolia, who told him that a medical team from Inner Mongolia were staying in a hotel near Jia’s station. The nurses hadn’t had enough time to pack their luggage before traveling to the city, and were in desperate need of underwear and warm clothes.

“Every day, their underwear would be soaked with sweat wearing protective suits. I knew the urgency in meeting their needs,” said Jia.

Jia contacted his colleagues working in nearby JD warehouses, identified the products the nurses needed, placed the order, and delivered the products to them within the shortest possible time.

A nurse wrote him a letter when the medical team left Wuhan. She wrote that “when the spring blossoms, let’s take off our masks, meet in Wuhan to see cherry blossom and ride horses in Inner Mongolia.”

“If I have to summarize my 2020 in one word, I would say ‘gratitude’,” said Jia during the speech. “At the same time, I feel proud of myself for sticking it out and being a lifeline for customers and frontline medical workers.”

During the height of the pandemic in China, JD’s couriers delivered 220 million products including 290,000 tons of rice, grains, meat and vegetables to its consumers. They were awarded by China Post News overseen by State Post Bureau as “Most Beautiful Couriers” in September, in recognition of their beauty of character.