Mar 10, 2021|

JD Couriers Bring Parcels to Remote Village in Chongqing


by Hui Zhang

“I really did not expect that we can receive parcels at home, and the delivery speed is impressive,” said Hong Zhou, a villager living in Xiazhuang village of Wushan county, which is 437 kilometers away from central Chongqing. Previously, delivery parcels would only be sent to a service station at the local township, and villagers would have to travel two hours’ roundtrip to retrieve their parcels.

Hong Zhou Received Parcel from JD Courier

She received a set of skincare products two days after placing the order on JD. She would never imagine being able to receive the parcels directly from the hands of a courier as the village she lived is isolated by cliffs. The delivery to Zhou, which took the courier three hours from the distribution station, made JD Logistics the first among other delivery companies to realize last mile delivery to customers in Xiazhuang village on Mar. 8. Xiazhuang is among several remote villages in which JD is now doing last mile delivery as of the end of February.

JD Courier Delivering Parcel

Xiahzuang village is not a single case. JD Logistics (JDL) is proactively penetrating China’s rural market with its business and infrastructure development, connecting rural areas with e-commerce and logistics services. The company has built out logistics infrastructure for lower-tier townships and villages, invested in intelligent equipment, and built out service stations in more than 700 remote villages and townships across China to improve logistics efficiency and drive employment in local areas.