Mar 7, 2020|

JD Data: Women Care More about Health and Fitness


by Yuchuan Wang

On March 6th, JD Big Data Research released its Female Consumption Trends Report. According to the data, in 2019, female consumers bought more consumer electronics and home appliances than previously, while health and fitness has become a new shopping focus.

Top 5 Catagories by Transaction VolumeTop 5 Catagories by TRansaction Volume Growth RateThe top five popular exercise products bought by female consumers in 2019 were dumbbells (up 292% YoY), Pilates equipment (278%), waist support belts (258%), Kinesio tape (180%) and badminton shuttlecocks (168%). At the same time, the transaction volume for anti-oxidants, pedometers & body fat monitors, protein powder, fatigue relief products, probiotics, and sculpting products increased by 603%, 460%, 410%, 114%, 103%, and 96% respectively, year-over-year.

Female Customers Portrait for Soprts and Fitness ProductsFemale consumers aged 18 to 25 are the top consumers of beauty products. These consumers are also starting to buy more nutritional foods such as dried wolfberry fruits and red dates. The number of consumers this group buying these types of products in 2019 increased 7.6%, as compared with 2018.

Top 5 Beauty Catagories by Transaction Volume In fresh foods, fruits, seafood and cakes are most popular with female customers, among which the transaction volume of lychees in 2019 was more than 13 times that of the previous year.

The average consumption volume of female customers on pet services including medical care and deworming services increased by 182%, among which transaction volume of pet boarding services increased 33 times as compared with 2018. Female customers care more about the reviews of pet products and services than price when making purchasing decisions.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, transaction volume of protective products across a number of categories, including masks, disposable gloves, antibacterial wipes and more increased sharply, and the growth rate of female consumption in this category was much higher than average.

Transaction volume growth rate of female customers