Jul 3, 2020|

JD Debuts on BCG’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List


by Ella Kidron

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released its 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2020 list on June 22nd. In its very first time on the list, JD ranked 31st, and is the highest ranking newcomer on the list. Other companies joining the list for the first time include the likes of Bosch, ABB, Novartis and Volvo (32nd, 43rd, 47th and 49th respectively).

The ranking combines publicly available information with responses from thousands of executives around the world, both industry peers and players in other industries. One of BCG’s findings is that companies pursuing a consistent, focused innovation strategy outperform over the long term.

JD’s inclusion on the list is a testament to the company’s long-term commitment to innovation across the business. When COVID-19 broke out, the company opened up its resources in logistics, supply chain, AI and other areas to support the fight against the pandemic. From deploying autonomous robots in Wuhan, to setting up contactless delivery methods, reengineering the supply chain system to address strains on inventory, and implementing AI to answer frequently asked questions about the coronavirus, JD demonstrated that value of its innovations not just in its business, but to society.

Several other Chinese companies appeared on the list, including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and Xiaomi which ranked 6th, 7th, 11th, and 24th respectively. Apple, Alphabet and Amazon rounded out the top three.

An interactive overview of the data developed by BCG can be found here: https://www.bcg.com/publications/2020/most-innovative-companies/data-overview.aspx