Jul 29, 2020|

JD Digits Empowers Wangfujing with Digital Commercial Street Operating System


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Digits, the digital technology division of JD.com, has collaborated with Wangfujing, one of the oldest and busiest commercial areas in Beijing, and launched a “digital commercial street” with WeChat’s mini program in June. The mini program is the first designed after a real commercial street.

Through the “Glamorous Wangfujing”(魅力王府井) mini program, consumers can view all kinds of promotions and coupons offered for stores in this area, in addition to shopping guidance, store recommendations, and more. The program can also help consumers find the nearest restrooms.

The digital commercial street solution is based on the “Commercial Street Operating System,” a brainchild of JD Digits.

“The application of Commercial Street OS will enable the efficient and safe communication among different data sources such as economic activity, traffic, and the flow of people. It will also enable the integration of online and offline user accounts, store memberships, and consumption benefits.” Said Yu Zheng, President of JD Intelligent Cities at JD Digits.

Offline, consumers will find AI-powered interactive screens on the street where they can view nearby promotions and shopping guidance information. By taking a photo in front of the screen, consumers can acquire special coupons to use offline.

Leveraging AI and big data, the operating system can empower commercial streets like Wangfujing with tools such as data analytics, intelligent marketing and operations.

The commercial street OS is just one part of JD’s broader “Intelligent City OS”, which seeks to continually learn the true nature of cities with the aim of building smart cities that are safer, more convenient, and more efficient.