Oct 26, 2020|

JD Digits Releases Blockchain Application White Paper


by Ling Cao

JD Digits released a blockchain application white paper assessing how JDD has leveraged blockchain technology in different scenarios in order to promote industrial digitalization.

The white paper includes case studies from six regions and 30 categories, from product quality sourcing, digital certificate, digital finance, governance synergy, credit network and insurance technology—as well as a wide exploration of how blockchain technology has combined with cloud computing, AI, big data and IoT.

One case study is the cooperation with ITG (International Trade Group) Holding, a state-owned company covering supply chain management, real estate and more, to jointly build a new digital signing model based on JD’s electronic cloud contract platform. The new platform, JD E-sign, will rely heavily on blockchain technology developed by JD Digits, and is expected to help ITG Holding reduce cost and time expenditures by 80%; and decrease contract costs by 60%, greatly improving the efficiency of trade cooperation.

Another example is the cooperation with baijiu (alcohol) brand Guotai from Guizhou province. With the help of JDD’s blockchain technology, Guotai has built its own BaaS (Blockchain as a service) platform, so that each bottle of baijiu will have a unique ID to make it traceable through the entire process.

The white paper also discussed JD’s cutting-edge exploration on how blockchain can be applied for smart cities and in the insurance field.

Based on self-developed open-source technology base engine JD Chain, as well as JD’s BaaS platform and real scenarios, JDD can help SMEs use blockchain for their business more easily.

Download full report here: JDD blockchain application white paper