Nov 15, 2019|

Everything You Need to Know About’s Pinnacle Tech Event of the Year

We are kicking off JD Discovery (JDD), our pinnacle tech event of the year. With over 4,500 attendees, JDD gathers industry experts from all areas of technology to discuss the most pertinent issues and developments in the industry today. This year’s event is focused on technology-driven opening and empowerment.

Our commitment to technology and the role that it plays in our business is clear. Just take a look at the numbers: Today, JD already has 18,000 R&D employees, many of whom hold master’s degrees or above. In 2018 alone, we applied for over 3,400 patents covering technology solutions in a wide range of industries.

In JD’s 10 years of development, from retail to logistics to digital technology, we have witnessed the gradual transformation of the retail industry driven by technology. We have also seen technology’s important role in promoting the transformation of other industries.

In the past year, JD has continued to enhance its core technology capabilities in order to support existing retail, logistics, digital technology and other businesses, as well as to be able to support future external demand, covering international business projects, commercial projects, and enterprise systems transformation.

As we look ahead, we have our eyes on being the technology backbone of the industrial internet, helping businesses of all sizes in all industries to address their pain points, and providing real, tangible value to society.




JD Launches New Industrial IoT Solution for the Energy Sector is pushing into the energy sector with a new industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Integrating JD’s industrial IoT platform with the energy sector’s devices and meters, JD is helping the energy sector to modernize and increase efficiency, satisfying consumers’ daily energy needs, while helping businesses on their low-carbon transformation journey. JD has partnered with State Grid, China’s national power company, to implement its IoT platform solution in China, starting with Heilongjiang, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia in Northeast China.

JD’s IoT Smart Housing Solution Brings the Future of Living to Hundreds of Residential Compounds Across China

With the help of’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, more and more families across China are benefitting from a smart home lifestyle. What makes JD’s smart home initiative unique is that it is focused not only on the individual house level, but at the residential compound level. JD IoT has already signed partnerships with more than 20 leaders in the real estate industry across 30 cities in China to provide IoT solutions for smart home and smart property management. Some of the features available include, facial recognition for building access, temporary QR code access for visitors, smart parking payment, management via app and more.


RECENT TECH-RELATED NEWS: Helps Farms Go Digital to Bring Safer, Healthier Food to Chinese Customers – JD is using technology to help the traditional farming industry bring delicious food to your table faster than ever.’s AI Targets Your Kitchen – Through its signature Customer-to-Manfucturer (C2M) initative, JD is using AI to figure out how to tailor products to meet demand, and working with brand partners to bring them to market. Our recent case study with paper products company Vinda is a great example of this.

Trash Sorting: it’s a Piece of Cake with JD AI The application of new technology greatly simplifies process for China-based consumers and businesses – Earlier in the year, China issued new trash regulations. JD is using AI to help customers navigate the new regulations with ease, bringing consumers peace of mind, and helping protect the environment. Self-developed Blockchain Framework Now Open to Businesses – JD began using blockchain in its operations to enable consumers to trace the origin of products they purchase, giving them an additional authenticity guarnatee. The company has opened up its JD Chain blockchain framework to other businesses, enabling companies in industries who don’t have their own blockchain capabilities to benefit from this technology. and Rakuten to collaborate on unmanned delivery solutions in Japan – Back in 2015 JD began developing its drone delivery program to solve last mile delivery challenges in rural areas, where terrain is particularly challenging for traditional delivery logistics, and later began developing its autonomous delivery vehicles to solve challenges in urban last mile delivery. As part of its broader strategy to open up its technology to partners, JD partnered with Rakuten to collaborate on unmanned delivery solutions in Japan.

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