Feb 5, 2021|

JD Doubles Subsidies for Its Holiday Workers to RMB 200M Yuan


by Yuchuan Wang

In the ninth consecutive year providing nonstop delivery during the Chinese New Year holiday, JD Logistics will further increase its subsidies for frontline employees such as couriers and warehouse staff working during the holiday to RMB 200 million yuan, doubling the RMB 100 million yuan initially announced in January.

“My parents are in Shijiazhuang. I decided to stay [in Beijing] where I work when I saw the surge of COVID-19 cases in my hometown,” said Kunlin Yin, a JD courier in Beijing.

As more and more Chinese people choose to stay where they work for Spring Festival holiday to reduce the possibility of being infected with COVID-19, JD’s data has shown a sharp increase in remote orders — where the sender and recipient cities differ. From the Dec. 8-20 on the lunar calendar, remote orders increased 55% YOY.

This year, JD expanded its CNY delivery policy such that customers in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, nearly 300 cities and 1,500 counties and districts can receive orders during the holiday as fast as usual.