May 24, 2022|

JD ESG: Drive Employment and Empower Talents


by Mengyang He released its ESG report 2021 on May 24, highlighting its commitment to providing equal employment opportunities and cultivating more young and professional talents through various means.

“By the end of 2021, the number of employees in’s listed and non-listed companies has exceeded 420,000, with over 300,000 front-line employees included, and 80% of whom are from rural areas,” the report shows.

By providing front-line employees with a solid living guarantee and stable income, drives forward the employment of China’s rural population and promotes the rapid development of the livelihood and economy in rural areas.

JD Explore Academy

As also puts an emphasis on research and development, the company continues to provide a broader and more inclusive scientific research platform for professionals. According to the report, has built up a well-established professional team composed of over 500 experts with doctor’s degrees and 18,000 R&D professionals, with nearly half of the staff of JD Explore Academy holding doctorate degrees.

Regarding the recruitment of young professionals, has always placed a high value on talent acquisition and development, creating 358 jobs for fresh graduates in the past three years, and providing nearly 40,000 job opportunities.

With tailor-made training programs in place, JD is committed to empowering talents to achieve a more fulfilled career. For example, the report reveals that “on average each of JD’s full-time employee received 54.44 hours of training in 2021, and the listed and non-listed companies under organized more than 20,809 training sessions, and added another 10,262 training courses, with total course sign-ins of 160 million internal person-times and 16,000 daily active users.”

Employees from JD’s customers service centers

Inclusive opportunities are also at the heart of JD’s employment principles. JD Retail’s customer service center set up a designated department to recruit people with disabilities. “In 2021, 186 employees with disabilities hired by JD served in the customers service centers in China’s southern cities of Suqian, Yangzhou, and Chengdu,” the report states.