May 24, 2022|

JD ESG: Protecting Intellectual Property via Technology Innovation


by Yuchuan Wang

On May 24, released its second annual ESG report , making it become the first Chinese e-commerce company to disclose climate-related financial information based on the framework by Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

As a leading technology and service company, started by selling authentic-only products more than twenty years ago. The company attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and is committed to preventing any kind of infringements.

At JD, a policy of “zero-tolerance” towards counterfeits has been reiterated again and again. Any merchant selling counterfeits on JD will be punished severely and removed forever. In 2021, more than 460 internal training sessions on intellectual property were offered by the company, covering nearly 10,000 employees accumulatively.

As said in the ESG report, has built an internal algorithm model and connected it with an external patent database to use systematic interception to prevent infringing behaviors. The model was designed to reduce the misleading and potential damage to consumers caused by fake patent numbers, expired patents and improper labeling, with a recognition accuracy as high as 94%.

The company’s anti-counterfeiting traceability platform based on blockchain technology has registered over 400,000 kinds of products and has received 10 million “quality traceability” inquiries from consumers.

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, worked closely with the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and established a green channel for complaints handling Olympics-related goods.

At the same time, actively encourages employees to apply for patents and protect R&D innovation by offering incentives, talent evaluation and actively promoting R&D innovations.

Thanks to its commitment in providing trustworthy products and services, JD’s business has been developed across retail, logistics, health and more industries, serving hundreds of millions of users globally.