Jun 9, 2021|

JD Establishes Tibet’s Largest Smart Logistics Center


by Yuchuan Wang

Over 100 automated ground vehicles (AGVs) were put into use in JD’s 27,000 square-meter logistics center in Lhasa, Tibet on Jun. 9, making it the largest smart warehouse in this autonomous region. Adopting the AGVs doubles warehousing efficiency and will support the sales surge during 618 Grand Promotion, the biggest mid-year shopping festival in the country.

“These AGVs help move goods safely and quickly, greatly speeding up the warehousing in-bound and out-bound processes,” said a warehouse manager.

Technology and automation helps JD Logistics maintain its unique same and next day delivery services even during peak periods such as the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion. By 5 pm on Jun. 1, the number of items which purchased and had already been delivered surpassed that of the entire day of Jun. 1 last year.

JD launched the first delivery station in Tibet in September 2011. In 2017, the company began the establishment of Tibet’s first large-scale e-commerce logistics park and enabling consumers in Lhasa to receive their orders on the same day for the first time.

JD will further develop its logistics infrastructure in the Tibetan region, building more warehouses, transfer and distribution hubs, to serve better local customers and help Tibet’s specialties reach the rest of the nation.

The AGV researched in-house by JD Logistics and applied in the warehouse is used for picking goods. It can recognize QR codes on the floor for route planning as well as automatic obstacle avoidance. The pickers can stay on the working platform and wait for the AGVs to come to them.