Sep 24, 2020|

JD Forms Home Renovation Alliance with 30 Brands


by Hui Zhang will partner with 30 home improvement brands including B&Q, Nippon Paint and others from both home and abroad to form a Home Renovation Alliance, in an upgrade of its previous home furnishing alliance in 2018. The group will work to meet consumers’ three core demands of partial, overall and customized home improvement, and to bring an integrated service solution from purchase, delivery, installation and return to consumers.

Consumers usually have different demands and concerns towards partial, overall and customized home improvement. For example, many consumers worry that home renovation might involve a long construction period, loud noises and the strong smell of formaldehyde, all of which would negatively affect their life.

In respond to consumers’ needs, JD will work with various brands from the Home Renovation Alliance to launch renovation packages to match different scenarios and budgets. For parents who need to renovate their children’s homes, JD has worked with Dulux to create a ‘Zero Methanol Children’s Home Decoration’ package, which ensures that children can come home safely within 24 hours after the painting.

JD Home Renovation Alliance will also set up five service initiatives to benefit consumers,  including setting up a quality-service standard, smart home renovation, insurance on home renovation, fast repairs in the case that you are not satisfied with services, and furniture or package storage. For example, consumers can choose JD Mini Storage, a solution for every storage need, from short-term to long-term storage, to store personal items. For home renovation insurance, JD Home Renovation Alliance will also provide different insurance services that ensure financial security and home renovation quality, with an indemnity of RMB 1 million yuan.

To ensure the best possible consumer experience, JD will explore how it can best empower cooperating brands from the perspectives of technology, marketing and financial services.