Sep 24, 2020|

JDer Lab #6 with Bo’er Chen: Witnessing JDD’s Pursuit for Excellence


by Kelly Dawson’s more than 280,000 employees range from warehouse workers to world-renowned doctors, with a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. In the next installment of our JDer Lab series, we speak to Bo’er Chen, head of international strategy and partnership for JD Digits.


Since Chen joined the department three years ago, JD Digits has experienced continuous growth, now estimated to be valued at around US $19 billion. The company is a leading innovator in fintech, which is defined as new technology that improves and automates financial services, and is expected to transform the financial industry.

“It’s been great for me to witness the department growing from 0 to 1,” Chen told us. “I am looking forward to [us having] more business exposure and success on the international stage.”

Working at such an exciting company has given Chen opportunities to rise to new challenges, she said.

“I think being part of a fast-growing company will no doubt mean that you will be part of pioneering changes,” she said. “So working at JD will always allow me to walk out of my comfortable zone.”

Her colleagues have inspired her, she said. “I think JD brings together the most creative minds and cutting-edge technology to make people’s [lives] simpler. JDers are very innovative and passionate. They have a ‘can do’ attitude. I think it’s great to work together with them to overcome the unique challenges and create something new.”

Above all, Chen is happy that her work at JD will have an impact on others.

“I think working here will allow me to expand my capacity to make a difference,” she said.