Jun 1, 2020|

JD Foundation Joins Charity Programs for Children


by Ling Cao

To mark the 71st International Children’s Day, JD.com and JD Foundation are partnering with China Charity Federation, China Red Cross Foundation, China Association for SOS Children’s Village, China Women’s Development Foundation as well as Biostime China Foundation for Mother & Child to launch special donation program to collect school supplies and daily necessities for poor children.

Customers can participate in the program via JD’s innovative online donation platform, which leverages the company’s e-commerce expertise and cutting-edge technology, as well as its logistics network to ensure transparency and efficiency in the donation process.

JD, together with China Charity Federation and Biostime China Foundation for Mother & Child, will launch another round of its clothing collection and donation program in 74 cities around China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. For each item of clothing donated, Biostime China Foundation will match RMB 1 yuan to a fund for children with congenital heart disease. The China Charity Foundation will be responsible for tallying up the total quantity of clothing donated, while the China Red Cross Foundation will be responsible for the screening and treatment. The list of supported children will be announced on JD Foundation’s website. Donors can pre-order JD’s couriers to pick up clothing ahead of time.

Through the partnership with SOS Children’s Village, JD will collect supplies for 108 kids in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province. SOS Children’s Village has helped many kids from poor villages to access education opportunities. Xiaojin, one former beneficiary of the program, is currently studying for his master’s degree. He said, “I’m a child from the countryside and lost my parents when I was only in third grade. The program gave me a second chance at school, as well as a family, bringing light to my childhood.”

JD Child foundation

JD Foundation’s partnership with China Women’s Development Foundation will collect medical supplies for children in Tibetan inhabitant areas of Yunnan province and urban and rural areas of Shaanxi province.