Jun 1, 2020|

JD Super Hosts Minions BANANA Festival


by Vivian Yang

The minions are taking over JD Super on International Children’s Day! JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, has partnered with a number of toys and musical instrument brands join the lovely yellow creatures for a “Minions BANANA Festival” during JD’s annual mid-year grand promotion.

Authentic co-branded toys and their new editions have quickly sold out on JD Super as Minions fans are taking advantage of JD’s “buy RMB 199, take RMB 100 off” coupon to indulge their Minion mania.

Banana Minion Poster

Lego’s Minions set stood out as its “Minionized” bricks allow users to construct various Minions stories with freedom and creativity.

A girl playing with toy motorcycle

The Minions are easily adaptable to different products because of its “banana language” termed “Minionese” and expressive behaviors that don’t need any translation, making it easy to reach people of all ages and cultures.

In China, the majority of Minions fans, in fact, are adults in their 20s, known as the post-90 and post-95 generations. Minions answer to their tastes which are increasingly diversified, individualized and sometimes atypical. JD Super wishes to bring the joy of BANANA to more Minions lovers this summer.