Jul 5, 2022|

JD Fresh Commits to Sustainable Marine Development


by Mengyang He

Upon invitation from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), JD.com’s fresh food business JD Fresh recently attended the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, one of the world’s largest seafood business conferences. Yu Feng, head of overseas direct procurement for meat, poultry and seafood at JD Fresh shared JD Fresh’s best practices in sustainable development for the ocean.

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum

“To tackle the problem of overfishing and reduce bycatch, JD Fresh teams up with responsible suppliers and processors worldwide to jointly set targets,” Yu Feng said. “JD Fresh also encourages its suppliers to achieve sustainability standards and certifications.”

Partners of JD Fresh

With products from over 13,100 brands from 50 countries and regions, JD Fresh now has a user base of 92 million. “By leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) on the JD App, JD Fresh can give exposure to sustainable seafood products with the MSC blue ecolabel,” Yu Feng explained. “It will reinforce consumer awareness with the concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness.”

For example, JD Fresh launched more than 70 sustainable seafood products with the MSC blue ecolabel at an MSC sustainable seafood event last year.

MSC Certified Manila Clams

In addition, “by working with international organizations, JD Fresh will continue to provide sustainable aquatic products with access to the Chinese market, and further diversify its selection of products,” added Yu Feng.