Jul 5, 2022|

JD Report: Fast-growing Baby-care Market Trends Toward High-end and Segmented


by Doris Liu

The consumption of mother and baby care products is showing trends of high-end with refined segments, with sales volumes of premium diapers and baby snacks spiking by 150 percent year-over-year (YOY), according to a report issued on July 1 by JD Super, the online supermarket arm of JD.com.

The report, based on data of the JD618 Grand Promotion from 8pm (BJT) on May 31 to midnight of June 18, indicates that as the consumption concept and parenting philosophy keeps changing, high-end diaper sales rose by 150 percent YOY; meanwhile the sales volume of organic baby formula, organic snacks and baby skin care products doubled YOY.

During the JD618 campaign, baby ride-on cars, once not common in China but now more prevalent in childbearing families, increased more than four times in sales compared with last year, while overall sales of baby formula rose over 50 percent YOY.

From the perspective of age, products for children who are 3 years old or above are in stronger demand. The report says that almost 99.8 percent of the customers who bought mother and baby care products made purchases from this category. Among parents of children aged 0-3 years old, 77.9 percent chose milk powder for 3 years old or above and 76.6 percent bought children’s snacks.

JD Super also provides the bestselling lists of children’s products and brands to young parents. Aptamil Profutura 3 milk powder, Heinz’s baby rice cereal, walnut oil of Grandpa’s Farm, Little Freddie’s smoothie and Huggies Platinum diapers were listed as the most popular ones.

In addition, JD Super jointly released the “Current Situation of a Million Chinese Mothers – Survey Report on Feeding and Sleeping” with the Hong Kong-listed China Parenting Network, aiming to help families with professional parenting guidance by analyzing postings of 1.07 million mothers in China from social networks and online communities. JD Super will further simplify the shopping experience for parents to access a full range of products that are healthy and joyful for children.