Sep 18, 2020|

JD Health and Global Healthcare Brands Kick Off Brand Empowerment Plan


by Vivian Yang

JD Health’s nutrition & healthcare department announced partnerships with over 10 of well-known global brands on September 16th, including BY-Health, Swisse, Centrum, Abbott, Besunyen Hldgs, Bayer, Puritan’s Pride and more.

These brands have been deemed by JD Health as the “captains” of the nutrition and healthcare category. JD will further leverage its platform advantages to empower their e-commerce growth in areas such as new products, content marketing, consumption data insights, and service experience innovation.

Under this brand empowerment plan, JD will provide consumers with real-time online consultations with dietitians and doctors from JD Health’s platform to help them pick the most suitable products and get professional health management advice. Customers will also find richer health-related content and products recommendations on the platform.

JD will also use its core supply chain strength to help these brand partners to upgrade and digitize their business operations.

Ye Yang, general manager of the nutrition & healthcare department of JD Health said at the signing ceremony that the plan aims to drive the growth of multiple healthcare sub-categories, creating greater value for brands and the industry, and promoting China’s national health development plan of “Healthy China 2030”.

Xin Yin, chief e-commerce officer of BY-Health noted that Chinese consumers are looking for more precise and experience-focused health management services. JD Health’s support will help healthcare brands to produce more popular and interesting products for the customers and stimulate consumption upgrade in this category.