Sep 19, 2020|

Sales of Customized C2M Mooncakes Up by Five Times on JD


by Martin Li

Sales of customized consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) mooncakes co-developed by JD and renowned brands including Daoxiangcun, Maxim and Guangzhou Restaurant jumped more than five times from August 19 to September 17, compared with the same period last year, according to statistics released by JD Super.

JD’s C2M mooncake in partnership with the Forbidden City

JD’s C2M mooncake in partnership with the Forbidden City

C2M is a new, flexible manufacturing model that helps optimize product design and circulation to meet specific demands, by analyzing massive amounts of data and generating insights regarding demand.

This model is being applied to a range of industries, now including the Chinese tradition of eating mooncakes on the Mid-Autumn Day, which is due to fall on October 1 this year. In addition to established mooncake brands, JD has also cooperated with partners like the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) to develop customized mooncake packaging.

The growth in C2M mooncake sales proves that the new model can better meet increasingly diversified customer needs. Currently, college-educated white collar workers born after the 1990s are increasingly desiring customized mooncakes with special packaging and more unique tastes, according to JD data. C2M allows brands to serve these customers directly, based on their preferences.

To help traditional mooncake brands better understand these customer needs, JD makes use of its advantages in channel, technology, marketing, big data and a strong supply chain. Additionally, JD is using its resources and technology to help mooncake brands explore lower-tier markets.

According to JD’s research, only 10% of consumers surveyed are aware of the concept of C2M. But 92% of consumers surveyed are satisfied with C2M products, whether or not they know how the product is designed.