Mar 3, 2021|

JD Health Celebrates World Hearing Day


by Vivian Yang

To mark World Hearing Day on Mar. 3, JD Health is offering free online hearing tests and medical consultations on its telemedicine platform from Mar. 1 to 3. The company will hold a discussion with Prof. Yongxin Li, the chief otologist of Beijing Tongren Hospital via livestream to enhance the public’s awareness of hearing-related care.

Thanks to its online to offline (O2O) model and close collocation with hearing aid brands, JD Health users can screen their hearing ability and consult a doctor, and then, based on the result, decide to book more precise examinations from professional offline service outlets, and order customized hearing aids.

“JD Health’s O2O service aims to offer a more convenient and reliable hearing aid purchase solution for our customers to help them find the most suitable devices and save time on making multiple appointments and undergoing multiple examinations in-person,” said a representative of JD Health.

The portal for World Hearing Day on JD Health 

The portal for World Hearing Day on JD Health 

To date, JD Health has cooperated with more than 1,300 offline hearing aid service centers across the country on its O2O service, with 500 centers offering home services for testing and device matching.

According the advice from JD Health’s doctor, early examination is critical for the treatment of hearing problems. Especially in case of sudden deafness symptoms, it is best to intervene within 24 hours.

WHO’s statistics show that currently there are about 450 million people in the world suffering from hearing loss. The number is estimated to reach 900 million by 2050, which means 1 in every 10 people will suffer hearing disabilities. And among them, only a small portion will actively pursue medical intervention. This may lead to a higher risk of suffering from depression and Alzheimer’s disease.