Nov 19, 2020|

JD Health CEO: COVID-19 To Advance Online Health Industry By Five To Ten Years


by Martin Li

The COVID-19 pandemic will advance development of China’s online health industry by around five to ten years, according to Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

Xin joined CNBC’s annual East Tech West event in Nanshan, Guangzhou on November 18 and shared insights on the industry with Evelyn Cheng, CNBC’s Beijing correspondent. The event is a by invitation-only retreat and brings together people at the cutting edge of the technology industry and leading investors from around the world.

“After the outbreak, we saw a robust growth in the number of people who used our online medical consultation. Currently, this momentum doesn’t’ stop. The number is not decreasing,” said Xin.

Consumers in China have been forming the habit of seeking online medical service because they found they can have access to rich medical resources including prestigious doctors online, according to Xin.

“However, the pandemic has not only impacted consumer behavior. Its impact has been also felt by regulatory bodies and medical institutions, which have been actively pushing forward application of the Internet in the health industry,” said Xin.

Regulatory bodies in China have released many policies to facilitate the development of the online health industry. They have encouraged hospitals to seek online transformation and make it easier for patients to use medical insurance for online consumption, according to Xin.

Xin also predicted a fast application of technologies like IoT and AI in the health industry.

“JD Health’s platform has been connected with a huge number of health IoT devices like the blood pressure test device,” said Xin.

Xin told the story of a recent patient. “When a patient was using an Omron blood pressure meter during exercising, his blood pressure registered as abnormal. The patient didn’t know it, but our doctor knew and called him. That’s because the data was immediately transferred to his doctor through IoT.”

Application of technology in the health industry will help proactively manage people’s health, not just for treatment, according to Xin.