Jan 27, 2021|

JD Health Gears Up to Ensure Services During Spring Festival


by Hui Zhang

JD Health is gearing up for the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on February 12 this year, to ensure that consumers can access doctors and buy medicine during the week-long holiday.

Leveraging its supply chain advantages, JD Health has prepared sufficient pandemic prevention materials to ensure uninterrupted medical supply during this holiday season. Meanwhile, JD Health will continue offering 24/7 online consultation services, which will include free consultation, providing patients with access to medical professionals via telephone and video calls at their conveniences. JD Pharmacy’s offline self-operated stores will remain open as usual to meet consumers’ needs. In addition, JD Health has upgraded its “family doctor” telemedicine service program with medical services that are tailored for easy use by elderly consumers.

Amid a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases that have discouraged people from traveling and in response to JD Health’s goal to provide normal consultation during the holiday, many doctors at JD Health have volunteered to continue working.

Xuejun Du, a TCM doctor with over 10 years of experience, is one of them. For Du, an integral part of her memories of Spring Festival are her mother’s home-cooked fried fish and steamed buns of various shapes. This year, as she won’t have the chance to eat her mother’s traditional dishes , she has decided to spend her time with patients who need her help.

“Whether we are working on the frontline or online, as a doctor, it will give me a great sense of accomplishment if I can help more people during this special time,” said Du.

“We’re all working together to fight against the pandemic in the best ways we each can contribute.”

TCM has been widely recognized as an effective way to relieve related symptoms and an increasing number of patients are flocking to JD Health for TCM consultations. Du believed that by staying on to work during the festival, she can bring peace of mind to her patients— a worthwhile sacrifice.

Zhenyi Zhao, who is the store manager of one of JD Pharmacy’s offline stores in Chengdu, Sichuan province, also volunteered to work during the holiday, as she believes she can provide professional medication instructions to the elderly who lack a grasp of digital technology and medication knowledge.

“Whenever someone about the same age as my parents comes in to buy medicine, I would always like to offer my help. Some of them can’t clearly describe their symptoms, and our professional guidance will help them precisely find the medicine they need,” said Zhao.

With increased restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, elderly customers are often confused by the extra digital processes required to buy medicines these days, Zhao said.

“I hope my stay during the holiday will offer help to them,” said Zhao.