Jan 27, 2021|

Insulated Mug and JD’s Smart Supply Chain


by Yuchuan Wang

Edish is a Yongkang-based insulated mug manufacturer. Since its cooperation with JD Logistics (JDL) in 2018 on warehousing, distribution and smart supply chain, the company’s sales conversion rate has increased by over 30%, and supply chain costs have decreased considerably.

Yongkang, a 5th-tier city located in central  Zhejiang province is widely considered “the hardware capital of China“. While reaching customers thousand miles away is par for the course for Edish thanks to e-commerce, before collaborating with JDL, maintaining high quality service on the logistics side was a challenge.

“We can stock our inventory across seven main regions in China through JD’s self-operated warehouses,” said Yuting Ying, head of e-commerce at Edish. “Once a customer orders our product, it will be dispatched from the nearest warehouse, thus significantly reducing delivery time.” In some cities including Hangzhou, Edish’s orders can even be fulfilled on the same day they are placed, thanks to JD’s efficient logistics system.

JDL also helps Edish forecast sales and manage stock in advance through its smart supply chain system, especially during peak sales seasons like the 618 and Singles Day grand promotions. “This not only helps us solve the problem of out-of-stock during sales seasons but also increases the customer satisfaction rate,” said Ying. “Furthermore, because we have the JD Logistics label in our product descriptions, more customers are choosing to buy Edish out of the trust in JD, which has helped increased sales conversion rates by over 30%.”

Edish’s annual sales amount can reach anywhere between RMB 200 to 300 million yuan now and 80% of sales come from e-commerce channels. In the future, Ying has more ambitious dreams to develop the overseas market.

“And JD Logistics will be my partner as always,” said Ying.