Aug 22, 2022|

JD Health Joins Hands with Charitable Foundations


by Vivian Yang

On the fifth annual Chinese Doctors’ Day on August 19th, JD Health launched a charitable project known as “Doctors‘ Warm Hearts” (医暖仁心) in collaboration with the China Social Assistance Foundation and Bethune Charitable Foundation, in which a range of healthcare support will be initiated, including providing free online and offline medical consultations, promoting health knowledge to the public and assisting needy patients with living expenditures.

As China’s medical capabilities and treatment quality see significant improvement over the years, challenges still exist in uneven distribution of medical resources, especially for people in remote areas. JD Health’s telemedicine model that integrates both online and offline resources helps create a more convenient and trustworthy solution for patients to access medical treatment regardless where they live.

The project also raises funds through public and corporate donations that will be used to support the living expenditures of patients in various predicaments, especially those who need to relocate themselves in pursuit of medical treatment.

Free online medical consultations and donations under the project can be easily reached in a dedicated portal in JD Health’s App.