Aug 22, 2022| and Samsung Electronics China Outline Joint Push on IoT


by Doris Liu

JD’s electric appliance business reached an agreement with Samsung Electronics China recently to push forward a better intelligent life for consumers in the fields of IoT, services and AI, among others.

The two parties plan to launch the Samsung version of “JD Little Home” in China, an intelligent hardware management platform to control smart home devices, which will be pre-installed on Samsung’s upcoming mobile phone in China. To date, eight categories of Samsung’s products can be connected to the App.

The Samsung version of the App features a dedicated section for Samsung’s official after-sales service from product tutorials, tips, services of installation, cleaning and maintenance, to service consultation etc.

Samsung owns advanced technologies in the fields of 5G network, AI and IoT ecosystem, which helps bring more mature solutions to create a convenient, safe, smart and healthy lifestyle for consumers, as well as pushing forward the rapid development of an open and comprehensive IoT ecosystem.

The “JD Little Home” App is a one-stop life-cycle management application to merge each brand’s small ecosystem into a bigger one so that consumers can control various products of different brands all on just one App. In addition, besides shopping and maintenance options, it can activate automatic reminders such as replacement for electric toothbrush heads and filters of water purifiers and air purifiers.

Earlier this year, joined hands with Samsung to outline the 2022 collaboration around products, marketing, user operation, omni-channel retail and services. Moreover, both sides expressed their aim to promote market influence and sales of Samsung’s smart phones in the Chinese market.