Mar 17, 2020|

JD Health Launches iOS App Following its Android Version


by Tracy Yang

JD Health, the healthcare subsidiary of, officially launched its iOS version today. The move follows the launch of its Android version at the end of February, and means that users of all kinds of smart phones can now access the app.

The JD Health app has three modules, including “homepage”, “mall” and “mine”. Among them, the homepage has the entrance to four core channels, namely, Internet Hospital, JD Pharmacy, Healthcare and Nutrition, and Health Service, and provides additional service scenarios and content, such as “fighting the epidemic”, “seeking medicine”, “live broadcast of famous doctors”, “health information” and more. On the “mine” page, Chinese consumers are also provided with functional entrances, such as “registration order”, “prescription order”, “my test”, “drug instruction” and other functions that are closely related to the demand for medical treatment and purchase.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has raised public awareness of health management. The Internet + Health service model is a new trend in the industry. Currently, Chinese consumers can download the JD Health app on either Apple or Android systems. The app covers a wealth of medical and health-related consumption and service scenarios, such as online consultation, drug purchase, health products purchase and health management.

JD Health has built a comprehensive “Internet + Healthcare” ecosystem over the past years, providing pharmaceutical and healthcare products, internet healthcare, health management and intelligent healthcare solutions to the customers. In November 2019, JD Health successfully completed its series A preferred share financing. In December of 2019, Crunchbase, the world leading platform for business information of private and public companies, published its New Unicorns of 2019 list, ranking JD Health as the second highest valued new unicorn globally in 2019.