Mar 17, 2020|

JD Health Provides Free Online Consultation Targeting 60 Million Chinese Overseas


by Hui Zhang

JD Health announced the launch of a free online medical consultation platform today. The platform, which is in Chinese, targets more than 60 million Chinese living overseas.

It features doctors and medical experts with rich frontline experience in fighting against COVID-19, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experts and physicians who can offer services in both English and Chinese.

As of 11 am Beijing Time on March 17th, according to Chinese official data, more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in over 150 countries and regions around the world, excluding China. JD Health integrated its medical resources and technology to bring the innovative medical services to overseas Chinese as the global epidemic situation is escalating. Patients simply need to type in key words “全球抗疫” in JD’s app to log onto the platform.

Patients simply need to type in key words “全球抗疫” in JD’s app to log onto the platform.

Free Online Medical Consultation for Overseas Chinese

Doctors from Frontline

A member of the medical staff who volunteering in the epicenter in Hubei province, Jinwei Yin is not only a full-time doctor from Xishan People’s Hospital in Wuxi City, Jiangsu province,but also a part-time doctor working for JD Health. He is also one of the first batch of 38 doctors who volunteered to offer free online medical consultation to help overseas Chinese on JD’s consultation platform.

“We pick up our cell phones as soon as we take off our protective clothing, hoping to provide overseas compatriots with our first-hand experience in the fight against the epidemic and offer them professional and practical medical advice they really need at this stage,” said Yin.

Jinwei Yin Working in Isolation Ward

Jinwei Yin Working in Isolation Ward

TCM Experts & Bilingual Services

The online consultation platform has gathered more than 300 doctors from different clinical departments, including infectious disease and respiratory departments, among which over 30 are TCM experts to offer guidance on traditional medicine to overseas Chinese.

Although the platform’s interface itself is in Chinese, the platform does offer some bilingual services. Nearly 20 doctors are able to provide free consultation services in both English and Chinese.

JD Health also offers a free hotline service, 400-622-6108, in Chinese for people who need psychological support.

“Our overseas compatriots have been concerned about China and donated money and supplies to help us over the past two months. They are now facing unprecedented challenges since the disease is accelerating. We’re feeling the same and want to help them out,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

As early as January 26th, JD Health launched a free online consultation platform within JD’s app for people who suffer from COVID-19 related symptoms in China. The platform expanded its services to cover all diseases on Feb. 6th. So far, the online consultation platform has offered services to over 5 million Chinese consumers with the number of daily consultations exceeding 120,000.